RE: Zimbra iSync Connector version 4.5.441

I use the iSync connector to sync my office Mac, my home Mac and my MacBook to my Zimbra account. The iCal syncing seems to be seamless. The Address Book syncing is very buggy.

Some of the problems include:
1.Duplicate address fields appearing in my Address Book contacts.
2. My Address Book groups seem to lose the contacts inside them.
3. In the individual Address book contacts, the "company" box becomes unchecked, resulting in all my contacts becoming individuals, as opposed to some being listed as companies.

The problems listed above relate to the Address Book data, the data on my Zimbra Web account does not have these problems. I have tried resetting my sync data (both ways), Resetting up my account. Trashing preference files. Resetting sync history in iSync preferences etc. But I seem to continue to have these problems.