We've been using Zimbra for several months now, mostly with Outlook users. I have 2 users on Mac OSX, using Entourage for the last couple of years. They are still on our old email server because we haven't had time to migrate them. They use a POP3 connection to retrieve email, and calendars/contacts are private to Entourage. They are not making use of iSync. We would like to move them over to Zimbra and I'm not sure what the best way to do migration is.

For Outlook users we just imported their .pst file and were done. For Entourage, there is no .pst file. So I guess we can setup their zimbra accounts and:

1. Create an IMAP account in entourage, then drag and drop the email folders to the zimbra account.

2. Export the contacts from Entourage into a CSV file. Potential problem is that these users have made heavy use of "groups" for their contacts. Will that information be retained in Zimbra? I guess we will have to export one group at a time, import to zimbra, and tag it? But when the user starts to sync with the zimbra contacts list, will it make use of tags? The wiki seems to imply "no": "Zimbra tags are ignored in the Address Book." This isn't going to fly.

3. Export calendar. Don't know what to do here. Can't seem to export all calendar entries easily. Any ideas? Perhaps the scripts at http://scriptbuilders.net/files/expo...age1.3.10.html will be of help.

Once we are done migrating the data, I guess we install the iSync connector, setup synchronization, and then setup Entourage to use iSync.

I'm basically looking for a "best practice" guide for migrating Entourage users. Can anyone comment on the above or share how you did migration?