I really like to be part (a small part) of this community. Being using it for a while and as a community member of other communities, here are some thoughts:

- The integration with Tapatalk is great
- There is good amount of Moderators and Zimbra personal working hard in answering questions in this community and that's really awesome

Some things I would like to be changed/included:

- The way VMware community organizes the thread is kind of cool. You can just see all kinds of questions on the main page and IF you want, you can see specific subjects. That's a good thing for me as it lets me browse new or unanswered questions in an easier way. Making it simpler to participate in all of the ones I feel I can help.

- Gamification is one thing that's cool. It is something that for some people works in a way that make them more active in communities.

- Being able to mark a question/post as "answered" and to see which in all of the replies was the right answer, is a great way to further improve things.

- One thing that I don't like at all, is when people who makes a question, don't even answer to the help provided. This happens A LOT in VMware community so people that likes gamification and being awarded points for their answers, gets dissapointed when after providing a valid answer, the thread is still marked as unanswered and no feedback is provided. I can not think of a good way to avoid this, but not having hundreds of "unanswered" threads would be nice.

- Sometimes, when I'm looking for answeres or subjects in this community, I found lots of threads replied with things like "this is already covered in other threads. Did you do some research before posting?". Beside the fact I found that kind of answer rude, it really makes the use of this community more harder as there is no link to that "already covered thread". So when I'm looking for something...4 of 5 threads are the ones with lines like these which are no help at all! At least they should be erase or something if no further comments are made from the person who started the thread.

And that's it. Just some constructive feedback of one of this community users. Hope this is usefull information

Best regards,