I'm fairly new to javascript and I'm having a tough time putting a DwtListView on a shell in an HTML tag. If someone could explain the steps involved, or perhaps answer the following questions I'd be eternally grateful.

I'm currently playing with the dataViewer example. DvController makes a shell and a tabView and manages the layouts. Where is the table being added to the tabView?

In the following snippet:
function DvListView(parent, attrs, app) {
	DwtListView.call(this, parent, "DwtListView", null, headerList, true);
DvListView.prototype = new DwtListView;
DvListView.prototype.constructor = DvListView;

DvListView.prototype.toString =
function() {
	return "DvListView";
DvListView is "extending" DwtListView, correct? What's the correct terminology for this technique? Can any function be extended/overridden? Where is call() defined?

I'm currently debugging with alerts and the javascript console. Can anyone reccomend an editor/debugger that makes life with Zimbra's code base easier?

Thanks. This seems to be a fairly serious forum and I won't clutter it with syntax questions and the like, but for all the code I've read and been able to follow I can't get a "hello world" table together