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Thread: ThirdParty not in sourceforge tar

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    Default ThirdParty not in sourceforge tar


    I got a tar ball of the 4.5.5 version source from sourceforge. However, I find that the ThirdParty folder isnt present at all here. What am I supposed to do now? I cant build Zimbra without this.

    Can anyone help here?

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    I moved the ThirdParty folder from the latest of the trunk in SVN and tried building ThirdParty.

    This is leaving me absolutely frustrated. The Makefile of Thirdparty seems to expect things that are simply not there. Can you please guide me here? I really really need to get this working.
    Specifically - cyrus-sasl build expects libxml2. There is no such folder anywhere. I downloaded the latest tar for libxml2, bu even that make is failing.

    I managed to build zimbra from the CVS in 4 DAYS!! And then I came to know that its out of date! Now to waste more time building 4.5.5. seems like a nightmare.

    I would really appreciate any pointers

    Frustrated Developer

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