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Thread: Rewrote zmtrainsa for DSPAM

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    Default Rewrote zmtrainsa for DSPAM

    I rewrote zmtrainsa to make it a bit more scalable as a training tool for spam filters. My version now grabs the spam or ham messages, and stores them temporarily so more then one spam trainer can take a look at it. Currently I have to split these functions up into two files because of fetchmail's limitations. Right now SA Bayes and DSPAM will be trained. If DSPAM is not installed it will ignore training DSPAM. Also I assumed that dspam was installed in /opt/dspam/bin. If your install is elsewhere change the DSPAMDIR variable in each file. Also, the temp location used is /tmp/sa. That can be changed with the TEMPDIR variable in zmtrainfilter. Run zmtrainsa with its normal usage, zmtrainfilter is really just a support file. Take a look at the files if you need them. The zmtrainsa script now needs zmtrainfilter to run. Although zmtrainfilter doesn't necessarily need zmtrainsa for single file input. I'll comment the code better when I get time. If you have any problems, or don't know why I did something let me know.


    Download latest fix on the second page of posts.
    The files are compressed and attached as zmtrainsa.tgz
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