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    Default Mail template


    have you made some way to set a default layout for all outgoing mails? Companies want a nice layout, but don't want employees to change this.

    It should be possible to set an HTML layout but also a plain text layout. Eg: you specify a signature on company level and the name and emailadress in the signature are replaced by that from the user.


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    There are no mail templates today. Best bet would be post this for your users on the company intrnet or help desk pages. They can they just copy/paste the data into their signature box settings.
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    but you are now talking only about the signature. But I think there should be some kind of mail template. So a company can set an HTML layout for the outgoing mail and the message is placed inside...

    Do you think this will be available in zimbra? I think it is a lack of exchange at the moment and it is a feature a lot of companies wil like :-)

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    i would like this option too! much as i hate it, some companies i work with demand html templates on outgoing mail. i currently implement this in thunderbird with templates folder, and in outlook where forced, but would like to be able to do this with webmail too - some companies refuse to use any client that won't implement templates.

    on a similar note, is it possible to do a site-wide signature, like with altermime?

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