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    I am starting to find a way to implement a solution for us Open Source admins to allow our users to sync their contacts and calendars from Outlook, Thunderbird and Mobile devices.

    I am using Linux and the latest stable version of Zimbra.

    So far, I have installed the Funambol PIM bundle.

    I have managed to install a connector on a Windows XP machine with an Outlook 2003 Office installation.

    Go here to get the Microsoft Outlook Connector, this gives a good feel for what is achievable.

    Eventually, I hope to provide Blackberry, Palm and Mail For Exchange services to my clients. (links there for the connectors)

    I am hoping this thread will just allow for us developers to add bits toward finding a documented solution.

    The steps so far are as follows, assuming a current working install of zimbra:

    sh funambol-6.0.bin
    select yes to start your servers.

    Now visit http://localhost:8080/funambol

    You can log in with:

    username: admin
    passwd: sa


    Start the funamboladmin application by:

    Go to File > Login and leave the settings as they are, and click Login.

    In the settings change the admin password.

    Thats it for now I am afraid, I have to do some real work now.

    If anyone can help to install the Zimbra connector from this download page it would be most helpful for the community I am sure.

    Cheers and I hope this helps start us off

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