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Thread: Where to post branched source code,

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    Default Where to post branched source code,

    I am starting a branch of the Zimbra IMAP server that will allow for decentralized message stores with failover using the Apache Virtual File System. The recent Zimbra HA thread.

    I want to be sure to actively share the code to be consistent with the Zimbra and Mozilla Licensing. And also to hopefully pick up a few other contributors.

    We plan on using Source Forge for version control and tracking of this project. Is this ok? If not does the Zimbra Team have another suggestion that would be better.

    Just want to be sure I'm keeping with the open source Zimbra "standard".


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    Hi, and thanks for your contributions to our community!!

    We have a section on SF named Zimbra Xtras. I'll have someone send you the details.


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