Hi All,

If you might recall, I am working on integrating the Zimbra client with our own mail server. The approach that I am following is to write our own integration layer which intercepts the SOAP calls from the client and returns data from our server. I had some questions and would appreciate answers:

a) How can we turn off features in the zimbra client that our server doesn't support? (for example Documents)
b) How can we change the look and feel of the zimbra client?
c) How can I use Zimlets? I need to pass the relevant information in the GetInfo request. How can I install the zimlets alone (w/o installing zimbra server)?
d) How easy would it be to add a new feature to the zimbra web client?
e) How secure is the data that is sent over the wire from client end to
the server? Is the SOAP envelope sent comply with the standards? I find that I can view the user name and password sent in the SOAP request through Firebug. Doesnt sound safe to me!