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Thread: Developer Builds UPDATED 21-Dec-2005

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    Default Developer Builds UPDATED 21-Dec-2005

    Something we've wanted to do for some time now is make our very latest code available. Today we've released the first of many devloper builds. These builds are the same builds we are running internally for our mail. We plan to update these about once a week but don't hold us to it.

    Developer builds are not designed for production use. They've had little or no-testing. Use these at your own risk. They may cause your computer to stop working and burst into flames. They will not work or install over a Network build. That said they are great for checking out the latest features or validating a bug that has now been fixed. If you choose to install these please give us your feedback and post any bugs you find on the forums.

    Have Fun!!

    Updated 21-Dec-2005
    - Added SUSE builds
    - Filter UI re-worked

    Note: No new Mac build this week.
    Latest Developer Builds
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