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    Hello all, I don't know if this is the right place to post this since I didn't find any "suggestion" subforum.

    We are deploying zimbra here, and we are a cultural center, we mainly organise concerts, expos, and other kind of events. We are planning mainly to use the Wiki, to share some documents over the network (and outside) related to the artist that is going to be produced, and each artist will have it's own wiki page (this will be technical info for a certain group, not public at all).

    The problem that I have found is that we have a template already prepared inside zimbra for this and it's working very well. But there isn't ANY way to duplicate a wiki page and then edit it to complete the right info. That would be a very important thing I beleive... otherwise we will be forced to start everytime from scratch since there is a spreadsheet inside and you can't just copy paste that.

    Is this in the pipeline ? to be able to duplicate a wiki page ?


    P.S : the spreadsheet can be copy/pasted, my bad, but doesn't seem to be editable anymore like the spreadsheet menu.

    P.S.S : In fact yes it is... so this is cooled than I expected... but a duplicate page would be very nice if it's not too much work. God I love this Zimbra thing

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