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    Default Email templates

    i missing absolut necessary functionality like eMail templates (to send a email again and again. E. g. "Welcome customer!"-eMails).

    The absence of this single feature makes zimbra unusable for my company (that's a pity). I'm the only one who needs this feature?

    By searching the forum i found the following thread but the suggested workaround is not really satisfactory (maybe it would with a "send mail again"-option):

    I wondering if this solution make sense:
    - Mozilla Thunderbird as email client (include our beloved template feature).
    - zimbra web client for calendar (appointments are acceptable/deniable wihthout email).

    Any suggestions or opinions are welcome...

    Many greetings from Hamburg,


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    Clean up of threads with no replies...

    Wow, not using zimbra's nice web-client just because of the templates?

    Do you really need templates so often that you can't just could grab an old email out of sent or keep something in documents to cut/paste?

    Another idea: providing it's not too complicated/html etc (until we have Bug 6390 - Support formatted (html) signatures), you could make another mail identity and put it in the signature...

    What your looking for -vote: Bug 14426 - Save e-mail as template option

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    Default zimlet

    there is a template zimlet available that can be found here » Zimbra :: Blog

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