At first place, I just wanted to reply to this thread missing-thirdparty-directory-souce-tarballs, and to say: good points dijichi2 !

But, at the and I have focused on much wider topic.

I am not free software purist. Every vendor has rights to do things on its own way. But if you proclaim yourself as an open source vendor, there are rules you have to respect.

Zimbra is a great product, and it already gained great momentum on messaging product's market .
I am sure that announcing zimbra as open source had big impact on that fact.

During past few months, you have announced many new options and great features which are proclaimed as open source.

Are they really open source ?

You have posted an false statement on the site

Zimbra Desktop benefits:
* It's open source; expensive investments in proprietary clients are no longer required
This is false statement because of the simple fact: there is no source code until now.
It is not open. It will be. May be, may be not.

Recently, new neat feature is announced: briefcase

Great, but to many us, there are again important unanswered questions:
* Is it going to be included in open source edition ?
* If it is going, why we cannot look now at the source code ?

Let's go back to the core product.

I have looked at wiki pages
Building_the_software_yourself , and searched source documentation of zcs-5.0.0_BETA2_1095-src.tgz.
Again, I have no clue how to build zcs from source. There are only rumors on forums it is possible, but it is nightmare to build third party products.

After watching activities during last 4 months, IMO, it is intentionally.
You develop your products internally. Involvement of outside (community) developers is not your priority.
The main purpose of releasing new source is to keep "open source" buzzword in your marketing.

The best example is dijichi2's solaris port effort:
thread about solaris port

I interpret Ken's response from this thread like this:

Open source edition is the playing ground for NE.
Until there is no enough commercial interest, community efforts are not going to be included.

All that lead to the conclusion: zimbra is not open source product, regarding basic open source rules and concepts.

Anyway, you can continue develop zimbra in whatever direction you consider best for your company.

If you don't need community contributions, just say that.
If you don't want to synchronize source tree regularly, just say that.

In that case please don't abuse term open source.