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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimlet API documentation

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    Red face [SOLVED] Zimlet API documentation

    Hey everyone,

    Where can I find the Zimlet API documentation? I have looked on the site and in the wiki to no avail. I would like to write a SugarCRM zimlet similar to the sales force one. Thanks.

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    The best doc available right now:
    /pdf/Zimbra Zimlets Whitepaper.pdf

    Someone started this a while ago: Repository - [zimbra] Index of /trunk/ZimbraWebClient/WebRoot/zimlets/sugarcrm

    And before you mention it...because ya it's a draft...
    Quote Originally Posted by KevinH View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Flightcraft View Post
    I have read the Zimlet v0.97 Whitepaper, studied the sample zimlets shipped with Zimbra, and searched the forums like crazy and was wondering if somewhere, there was an API documentation for the javascript side of Zimlets?
    I see the Whitepapers describe the XML side of zimlets (which I can infer that to the javascript side), however, the whitepapers are seem quite brief and incomplete.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.
    We don't have a more complete API document. The best way to infer is look at all the example Zimlet's we ship with Zimbra.
    Quote Originally Posted by JoshuaPrismon View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jfavero View Post
    I am trying to find the documentation on the AjxRpc.invoke and other Zimlet calls. Is there a place to find all this?? The White Paper is not enough
    Thanx Joe
    The best documentation I have found is actually to do a SVN checkout of the tree, and look at the Javascript directly. The amazing thing about Zimbra is the huge resevoirs of cool functionality that exists to be tapped in the future, and the code base seems to change enough that trying to keep documentation inline is a bit tough.
    The AjxRpc class is pretty easy to understand if you are familar with JAvascript, java or C++.
    BTW-Josh actually in the process of writing a book...

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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks for the help.

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