I would like to use Zimbra as Calendar within a specific application.
I will have to handle 2 types of appointments : standard Zimbra appointments, and specific appointments.
I will let Zimbra handle standard appointments.
However, I will have to develop a specific screen and action (calling Zimbra WebServices) in order to create/modify/delete specific type of appointments.

My question : How can I have this specific screen opened from a clic on calendar.

For example, is it possible that :
- when I left-click on a free space on calendar, it opens standard screen to create a standard new appointment
- when I right-click on a free space on calendar, it opens my specific screen to create a specific new appointment

An other idee would be to add a button "specific appointment" on standard "new appointment" screen, that would open my specific screen. But then, when the user will have to modify/delete the appointment, I must be able to automatically open the correct screen, depending on the fact that the appointment to modify is standard or specific.

Could you please tell me if these ideas are realistic, and how to do this ?
Otherwise, maybe someone have other ideas on how to do this ?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my bad english).