I am very curious about the status of a debian port from any user. I understand that yeslinux was looking to use this, as are several others waiting. Personally, this software blows anything i've found for webmail/calander out of the water. And just being in beta, this in my opinion has a real shot at bringing *nameless* proprietary software down, if developed right. I have been so impressed with this software I decided to try an RPM based distro again (fedora core 4). However, I have had various issues with just fedora itself so i'm close to formatting the install and never touching rpm's again (no offence to any rpm lovers, you can't help it your unenlightened...it's ok) . I would be willing to wait for a debian port if one is in the works. if so, is there a roadmap, or even a ballpark time when you are hoping one is availible.