I am trying to develop a java application which will communicate with the Zimbra Server using SOAP API's. Using the java example I am able to authenticate a user by sending it the SOAP request.
Now I am trying to fire a GetWikiRequest but I am not able to understand the request. I used firbug with Firefox and saw the GetWikiRequest and created a similar request. I got a response from the server.

But I am not able to understand it both request and response. Can anyone please suggest a link or explain the schema of GetWikiRequest and GetWikiResponse?

For convenience I am pasting the request and response below:
Request snapshot:
<GetWikiRequest xmlns="urn:zimbraMail" id="_Index">
<w l="12" name="_Index" tr="1"/>
Is this exhaustive schema for GetWikiRequest?

Response snapshot:
"body":"<wiklet class='TOC' format=\"template\" bodyTemplate=\"_TocBodyTemplate\" 
itemTemplate=\"_TocItemTemplate\" />\n\n\n",
Is this exhaustive Response for GetWikiResponse?