Greetings All,

I have Zimbra 4.5.6 opensource installed on one of my Linux box. I want to build only Zimbra WEB UI 4.5.6 and use it, instead of the one installed with the full deployment. I downloaded the Source tar ball and went to the directory [$SOURCE]\ZimbraWebClient and issued the command 'ant'. This created a distributable web archive(war). But when I compared this build with the one installed on a full deployment there was considerable size difference and also there was difference in the packaged content. There was even a difference in the list of JS(JavaScript) files used by Zimbra Web UI.

Is my procedure to build Zimbra WEB UI correct? Do I need to do a complete Zimbra (all Zimbra products) build so as to just get the build of Zimbra WEB UI?

I had a look at the link Building Zimbra on Fedora Core 5 and x86 64 - Zimbra :: Wiki but I could not find anything mentioning, building Zimbra WEB UI only. My Linux OS is RHEL 4 update 3.