Well it's been some time since our last poll, so we decided to close that poll and publish a new one with all the *other* options folks mentioned in the comments now added to the poll.

We've also released a few more ports since our last poll:

- Fedora Core 4
- SUSE 10

You can always get the latest devloper builds via SourceForge. We tend to release new ones once a week.

We've also opened up a read-only CVS tree for those who want to live on the edge. This also comes in handy when trying to build/run Zimbra on a OS which we don't have binaries for yet.

Remember Zimbra in general is *very* portable. Requires only Java, Postfix, MySQL, PERL, and few other dependencies. So for the most part a *port* of Zimbra is just a re-compile of the dependencies and some packaging magic.

We here at Zimbra would love to be able to ship/produce Zimbra binaries for all the OS flavors out there, but with limited resources it's just not practical. So first and foremost we port to OS's which our customers are likely to run, and secondly to OS's that our community shows interest in.

Please only comment on this thread if your OS is missing from the poll. A million comments saying "+1 <my favorite OS>" just annoy our port/build master.