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  • FreeBSD

    92 15.65%
  • Mandriva

    15 2.55%
  • Ubuntu

    124 21.09%
  • Debian

    109 18.54%
  • Gentoo

    86 14.63%
  • Slackware

    17 2.89%
  • Solaris

    108 18.37%
  • NetBSD

    2 0.34%
  • OpenBSD

    8 1.36%
  • Other (Post a comment below)

    27 4.59%
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Thread: NEW POLL: What OS port should be next?

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    Default FreeBSD port status.

    Greetings just wondering how are the efforts going on the FreeBSD port.

    here in Mexico there is a lot of people wanting the zimbra port in order to get rid from Exchange.


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    Default My thoughts

    I'm voting for Solaris. I actually have no solaris boxes (though I think there are some sparcstations under the house running. I'm actually wondering how many linux permutations are going to be required before we're all satisfied, indeed I think we never will.

    Solaris is not just a different linux port, (eg ubuntu or suse), unix-like platform (freebsd) but also an entirely new enterprise-class community. Entering this field puts zimbra in an area with other competing collaboration software, not just exchange. I've yet to note anybody else making the obvious java connection with zimbra.

    Personally I'm really interested in how the vmware/software appliance (SA) stuff is going, I think that gives users the flexibility of running whatever flavour they want, and just dropping in the SA as required. It's scalability is questionable because I would imagine cluster admins may roll their own more carefully, so I think SA is destined for small installations, but I could be underestimating the power of zimbra


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    Default My vote is for Solaris

    I love working in linux, but I also have an enormous amount of Solaris clients that keep asking me what solution there is other than Exchange. Sun will tell you their collaboration suite is great - but let's face it, it's no Exchange. Zimbra is phenomenal and does everything our customers are asking for in a Solaris package that can and will eliminate Exchange. By porting to Solaris, you're going to get PAYING customers, not just the opensource community looking for a freebee collaboration suite that rocks. (no offense to anyone here - I want it for my personal linux server also). Porting it to Solaris will surely bring in revenue to help assist with other ports. Here's also a few other reasons:

    1) Solaris x86 is becoming more widely used - Oracle, Symantec (Veritas) and numerous other major players are porting their software to Solaris 10 x86 because of the huge popularity that is gaining with their new AMD/Intel based servers.

    2) Sun will offer any developer a free server if they port their software to Solaris (no, I do not work for Sun). I develop some code on the side and am registered with their developer site - which is why I got this link in a recent email:

    3) Enterprise acceptance. Let's face it, very large corporations are running Solaris - a solution like this in their datacenter is priceless. As I mentioned above, I know many Global Enterprise customers (some with tens of thousands of seats) who have been waiting for years to move off of Exchange.

    Just my .02 - Hope it helps!

    Awesome product!

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    Default Solaris will open additional markets

    I agree with a lot of the other posters who are recommending a port to Solaris.

    I believe Zimbra availability on Solaris will open a large existing education/corporate/carrier/ISP customer base who are definitely willing to pay for worthwhile products but don't want to have to support an additional OS in order to run your product.

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    Default solaris..another vote

    I would like to see a Sparc Solaris 10 port of Zimbra as well. Sun's collaboration suite is too complicated for smaller shops or those that don't want to dedicate administrative staff to the task.

    We can run and do run Gentoo / Ubuntu on Sparc hardware also. Haven't evaluated the Zimbra vs Scalix source build procedures (yet) for Ubuntu/Gentoo on Sparc but we're looking at doing so in the next month.

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    Default FreeBSD - A perfect fit for a mail server platform

    We've run FreeBSD for many, many years as our mail server platform. The filesystem (UFS2) combined with the soft-updates feature, along with FreeBSD's legendary stability make it _the_ choice for the next Zimbra port (IMHO) :-) Also, the FreeBSD ports system makes installing the Zimbra dependencies effortless. The majority of the other choices in the poll are simply different Linux distro's, which IMHO are just variations of the same ol stuff. Be different, lets see a FreeBSD port!


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    gjhorne Guest


    Centos so there is a free cut od RedHat afert all it is just compliled SRPM's so it should be very easy. Not really a port at all. Lost of hosters like CentOS but are not wrapped with RedHat

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    Default is anyone at Zimbra monitoring these posts anymore?

    Just curious here.... this post has been open for 2 years... Is Zimbra really going to port something soon? I'm very appreciative of their efforts to port to another OS, but 2 years is really a long time to get results... so what say ye Zimbra? Can you port something soon???

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    Ye/we say:
    Mandriva - BETA
    Ubuntu - Done
    Debian - Done
    Gentoo - Some members of the community have gotten it to work
    Solaris - dijichi2 is has dome some work on it.

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    Thanks for the quick post John - glad to see Solaris up there too!!!! Any estimated timelines for completion on Solaris?

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