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Thread: Setting COS via SOAP

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    Default Setting COS via SOAP

    I am creating accounts via soap from java. Here is my code (it works):

    Element request = Element.XMLElement.mFactory				.createElement(AdminService.CREATE_ACCOUNT_REQUEST);
    request.addAttribute(AdminService.E_NAME, name,Element.DISP_CONTENT);
    request.addAttribute(AdminService.E_PASSWORD, password, Element.DISP_CONTENT);
    Element response = trans.invoke(request);
    But I need to set the COS to the accounts and I cant do it. I tried something like this but it didnt work. Either I couldnt set firstname and lastname

    request.addAttribute(AdminService.E_COS, cos,Element.DISP_CONTENT);
    request.addAttribute(AdminService.E_COS, cos,Element.DISP_ELEMENT);
    In soap-admin.txt file I didnt found anything about this

    What can I do?
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