Hi, Guys,

Just started out with Zimbra as an end user and now can't do without it, but I'm not a developer, so I'd like to put a question to you.

Mail is used by a lot of people not just to send a simple message, but often to provide information. The problem is, it's locked in an email format and unless you select the information, copy it, open a word processing application, paste it in and save it, you can't refer to it off line very easily.

Would it be possible to have an option to export such emails directly to a PDF document?

I know you can print the email to PDF if you have a PDF write facility, but it's a manual process.

This could be done via a filter rule so all emails "containing the subject 'abc' convert to PDF and store in PDF folder".

Being able to escape email's restrictive format and place into an openly accessible form like this would be very cool. What do you guys think?