I am interested in knowing when there is realized the action to order a message of automatic form after a user provision a zimbraMailForwardingAddress.

I have looked through the forums and the wiki and can't find any topics related to this so maybe someone could help me out.
Only, I've read at User Alias Mapping and Mail Transport with Postfix & LDAP - Zimbra :: Wiki
that the Postfix application looks in LDAP for an entry called zimbraMailForwardingAddress.

My problem is the following one:
  1. user1 assign to zimbraMailForwardingAddress a value user2@erroneousDomain.com
  2. user2 sends an email to user1
  3. user1 receives the email
  4. user2 receives an "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" because user1 has mal-formed his automatic forwarding address.

I wonder if it can be possible that user2 was avoiding to know this mistake and was notified to the user1.

Zimbra Server knows when an email is forwarded to another one or only is known by Postfix?
Can I generate a log saying that a message is being automatic forwarded?

Thanks in advance