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Thread: URL to the ics-Files of all Zimbra-versions

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    Default URL to the ics-Files of all Zimbra-versions

    I need a list of all URLs where to find the .ics files of every user.
    In the version I use it's:
    • http://zimbra/service/home/<USERNAME>/calendar.ics

    thx 4 help

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    Welcome to the forums. There's no need to post duplicates, your post was moderated because of the ant-spam system on these forums.

    You've just given the url in your own post. If you want a list of users you'll need to list them with zmprov and then script the download of their .ics files (which, I assume, is what you're trying to do). You can check the format with 'zmprov help commands' or search the wiki for details.


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    I developt a extension for mediawiki, which allows to the actual status of zimbrausers.
    for example:
    If there is no shedule in the moment, the name will be shown normaly, if there is a shedule, the name will be shown as a link where you can se subject, organisator, attendees and so on....

    Right now, my code makes this:
    1. get the name from the Icsread-Tag
    2. reading the ics file http://zimbra/service/home/<USERNAME>/calendar.ics
    3. reading every "event start" and "event end" and save the lines in an array (DATE 1: begin:X end:Y) something like that
    4. then comparing the start and the ende-date with the actual date
    5. if it fits return an link with the known values, if not, go on
    6. -> next ICS-file

    Is there anyway to optimize the ics files? After thousands of shedules, the ics-File became very big and my extension very slow... or does anybody know a better algorithm for reading out actual shedules?

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