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Thread: Domain name - email address

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    Default Domain name - email address


    I have installed ZCS 4.5 on centOS5. I am using solaris 10 as DNS server installed on the same machine as guest OS on VMware server environment where centOS5 is the host. So far it looks working fine exept that I want to have email addresses of users as rather than

    What changes do I need to make? Pls help


    Yonas G.

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    Welcome to the forums,

    Admin console gui > domains > make a new domain
     su zimbra
    zmprov cd zimbraAuthMech zimbra
    For a moment leave the old domain intact.
    Also leave the admin, spam, ham, and the wiki account untouched right now.

    To move any accounts you've already created over:
    In the admin console gui you can just change the drop down box in the individual account > general tab to the other domain (just to the right of where you assign a username).

    zmprov would be ra (renameAccount)
    Then you need to set that domain as default so users don't have to type in the complete '' to login they can just type 'user':
     zmprov mcf zimbraDefaultDomain
    Note: As of 5.0beta2/3 there's a command to rename the entire domain:
    zmprov -l renameDomain (or 'rd' for short)
    When you've done all that & mail send/receive works fine, let us know - and I'll explain actions on those 4 special accounts.
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    Thank you so much!

    It did work. I had error msg while trying to change the default domain, but I found out later that the attr name should be zimbraDefaultDomainName instead of zimbraDefaultDomain only. May be version issue.


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