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Thread: [SOLVED] PHP SOAP Woes with displayName

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    Default [SOLVED] PHP SOAP Woes with displayName

    I can't seem to create a displayName from a php page using the SOAP api. It basically wants to close the <a> tag with <a n="displayName">, which the SOAP interpreter doesn't like.

    I tried googling this problem, and someone else is obviously having the same issue (see below link), but I've not found a resolution.

    PHP: SoapParam->__construct() - Manual



    Barry King

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    Default code snip

    Very briefly, you need to do something like this ($id is the Zimbra account ID):

    $var = "<id>$id</id>";
    $var .= "<a n=\"displayName\">John Smith</a>";
    $params = array( new SoapVar($var, XSD_ANYXML) );
    $this->lastResult = $this->soapClient->__soapCall('ModifyAccountRequest', $arguments, $options ,$soapHeader);

    This obviously snipped and abridged from a larger class, but hopefully that will get you on the path.

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