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Thread: Extending external LDAP -> GAL setup in UI

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    Default Extending external LDAP -> GAL setup in UI

    I have a feature request for what might help w/ the external LDAP mapping troubles that see frequent posts here:

    Create a GUI external LDAP to Zimbra LDAP mapper in the admin panel setup under either authentication or GAL setup that would do something like:

    1) Grab a model entry from an external LDAP search string:


    2) Pull in all the published attributes for that entry and give an AJAX mapping screen that lets you configure the zimbra->external LDAP mappings that will be written to the Zimbra LDAP config entries when saved.

    Just a thought. I'm new to Zimbra, but am very impressed by it!

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    Please feel free to file this in our bugzilla:
    Bugzilla Main Page

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