Currently, the 3 OS projects that I follow closely are:
-Fedora Directory Server

I'm currently tied up by my own projects at this point, but I keep my eyes on these 3 every week. Here are my wish list, some of them are probably requested already:

1. Anyway for Zimbra and Alfresco teams to work together, so that there is a more coherent integration? That would be soo cool!

2. If Zimbra and Alfresco could have the same (or similar) security model, that would be really great. I mean, role-based security, applied to both Alfresco and Zimbra

3. ASP model. I'm going to ask this for Zimbra only. How can I use Zimbra in an ASP model? How to control mail quota, disk quota? With the current architecture of storing one file per msg, how would you control that? I guess you can keep track of them and add them up, and how to do it in more dynamic and scalable way?

4. I've not digged into the code yet, but what does it need to make Zimbra store contact information in LDAP (FDS)?

5. Is it possible to use the Alfresco repo as the backend repo, or is this too much work?

6. Someone already asked about lean packaging. I'm all for easy installation and configuration, but I don't feel like using MySQL (nothing against it, just prefer PostgreSQL), and I want to use FDS instead of openldap. It would be nice to have clean, open interface for integration, that makes it easy to pick and choose the best of breeds. For scalability, I can easily run my LDAP on another server, have my DB on yet another, have my repo on a SAN/NAS over fiber optics, ... Think of an environment where I need to support 200K concurrent users. Lean packaging would also make it easier to port to other platform. With embedded openldap postfix, I have no chance to run it on Windows (I know, my server are running on Linux, but for development, demo on laptop?)

7. Support for JSR-168. Yeah someone already asked for that.

8. Performance of the Ajax client. I'm testing the hosted demo, and it feels sluggish, and it makes my machine not very usable. I can see Firefox is eating up CPU, constantly staying at 50 to 60%. My machine: 2.4GHz CPU, 1G RAM, WindowsXP (SP2). Nothing much running at this point: Thunderbird, Firefox (5 tabs, one using the demo), VS 2003 (for a small project, less than 50 classes), one Explorer, AVG, Virtual DAEMON manager, that is. Most services turned off. No messenger, no junk. And running on corporate network, on a saturday morning (2 persons in office). Probably the demo server is too loaded, probably the connection from my place to the demo server has a long latency, but the first impression was not very good. UI looks great though. Never work with Ajax before, any way to improve that?

Looks cool though, with a little more work (quite a bit of works, I would say), it would be like IBM Workplace