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    Now that there is an available bugzilla and a good way for the public to see open bugs / feature requests, have you thought about setting up any kind of bounty system?

    I donate $100 towards bug #4934 because its a particular thorn in my side. Without any binding timelines or guarantees to me, bug #4934 gets a slightly higher priority.

    This gives someone like me (who doesn't need the network edition) a good way to support the OSS side of this project and nudge bugs that are most bothersome to me.


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    Thanks Will. Good idea. We've not opt'ed to setup up a payment system yet. What we do have is voting in bugzilla where you can vote for the bugs or features you'd like to see worked on first. So there is a way to put forward your voice but at this time we are not going to tie $ amounts to each.
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