I am currently reviewing the ZimbraCSharpClient (SourceForge.net Repository - [zimbra] Index of /trunk/ZimbraCSharpClient) C# library. There is a namespace called, Zimbra.Client.Admin which has two concrete classes: AuthRequest and GetAccountRequest.

Based on the design, I understand that each concrete class represents a service in the Zimbra Admin API (http://zimbra.svn.sourceforge.net/vi...t?revision=841) .

I am considering to use this library as a means for a .NET application to send SOAP messages to Zimbra. Thus, I am working with the idea of expanding the Zimbra.Client.Admin namespace to implement portions of the API I plan to use.

However, I have not been able to locate documentation regarding the Zimbra CSharp Client library and thus am not clear of the original intent. It seems perfectly logical to expand the library to create and delete accounts, but it may very well have been designed to authenticate and retrieve user information.

I appreciate any advise or guidance. Thank you in advance.