We have been doing some testing against v5.0.0 and noticed a couple differences from testing against the previous release (v4.5.9 and v4.5.10). We can probably make changes to work around these differences but I wanted to check if these are expected.

Thanks in advance for any input!

1) When an event or task is changed and then a SyncRequest SOAP API call is made against Zimbra v5.0, the appt element is present in the SyncResponse, but the inv element is not as it was when going against previous versions of Zimbra. Was this intentionally not included in Zimbra v5.0?

2) When creating an appointment using the CreateAppointmentRequest SOAP API call against Zimbra v5.0, the following is returned from Zimbra:

invalid request: missing required attribute: action

An “action” attribute is not required when going against previous versions of Zimbra.