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Thread: Solaris 10 5.0 build released!

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    Default Solaris 10 5.0 build released!

    UPDATE: August 22nd 2008

    5.0.9_GA_2546.SOLARIS10_i386 released
    x86 only for now, Sparc to follow.

    WARNING: This is not a heavily tested release yet. Please exercise caution. BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP before upgrading.

    Sun are now assisting me with this port which is making things much easier. Many thanks to Sun, in particular Siva for their help so far.

    Release highlights:
    - Synched to 5.0.9 release codebase
    - x86 binaries only for now, patchsets and Sparc binary to follow
    - Initial Proxy support
    - SMF support reverted to Init scripts. SMF xml manifests still exist in /opt/zimbra/libexec/smf but not imported or activated by default.
    - All code now compiled with Sun Studio, should be faster/more stable. GCC removed entirely as build and runtime dependency.

    Sourceforge Community Project

    Next release:
    For 5.0.10 release, here is what we hope to achieve:
    - Support Solaris 11 (Express) and OpenSolaris.
    - Eliminate Blastwave dependencies entirely.
    - Make stats work.
    - Finish SMF and switch from legacy init system.
    - Produce and submit official patchset for inclusion into main codebase.

    Varlogmessages Community website
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