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Thread: Versioning of documents

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    Default Versioning of documents

    In SOAP documentation we see Zimbra supports versioning of documents.

    Both Wiki and Documents are versioned. The server maintains the metadata of each version, such as by who and when the version was edited, and the fragment of each version.
    But in Zimbra web client we can't access previous versions of the document. Why is this?
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    Depending on your definition some versioning is already there though (see pic)
    Most of the work was done in Bug 16942 - Need Document versioning support.

    Open RFE's:
    Highlighting differences between versions: Bug 11364 - Versioning in Zimbra Documents
    Saving only a fraction of space: Bug 15210 - Use diff based version for WikiItem
    Maybe even for briefcase: Bug 23816 - version control in briefcase

    There's an attribute called zimbraNotebookMaxRevisions (though the RFE isn't yet finished Bug 17169 - Create COS based limit on how many document revisions to store.)
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