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Thread: Single Sign On with Zimbra

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    Default Single Sign On with Zimbra


    When I try to conect to Zimbra Server via Soap allways say not authorized.

    I get the AuthToken like this:
    String tok = sp.getAuthToken();
    sp is the class SoapProvisioning in package com.zimbra.cs.account.soap.SoapProvisioning

    and I build the URL https://server/service/preauth?isredirect=1&authtoken={} and between the branches token value.
    And allways opens Zimbras login screen.
    Before doing all this I autenticate as admin and reponse was correct.

    Anyone tried a Signal Sign On with Zimbra?

    Thank you

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    I presume you mean Single Sign On? Does this answer your questions: Preauth - Zimbra :: Wiki


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    Yep, I have already been following the steps in that URL you mention.
    But still I do not get it work. Even with code provided in there.

    One question, in the documentation it says that the order of the concatenation is important, must be: account/by/expires/timestamp.
    But in example provided the order is: (Preauth - Zimbra :: Wiki)

    params.put("account", name);
    params.put("by", "name"); // needs to be part of hmac
    params.put("timestamp", ts);
    params.put("expires", "0"); // means use the default

    ¿Could be that a problem?

    I get error message --> http 400: authentication failed for
    And I already have my preAuthKey generated by zimbra with command zmprov gdpak. And after generating the key server was restarted.
    ¿Any hint?
    Thank you
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    well, problem was solved.
    You wanna know what was is it?
    The Zimbra server time was wrong, was not syncronized correctly and that's why I allways got the error of auth failed, timestamp had expired....

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