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Thread: Quick Question before I start Developing

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    Question Quick Question before I start Developing

    Hi, I'm a developer and I've been thinking of developing on Zimbra's original Open Source code. I've read over the YPL license and I'm not quite clear on a couple of things and I was hoping you guys can help me out.

    My Goal: Is to basically be able to provide my users with a place where they can sign up for free email accounts.

    1. After I build out my new version of Zimbra's email, is it possible to remove the Zimbra logo on the top left?

    2. Can I use it for commercial use on my own website - for example, let users register and have an email account?

    3. If I develop the Zimbra's email out to an almost completely different creature, can it reach a point where I don't have to abide by the YPL license?

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer. I just don't want to have any licensing problems with how I use Zimbra 5 years down the line, after building it out and putting so much time into it.

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    Hi..follwing is correct upto my knowledge

    1) NO you cannot remove ANY Zimbra logo from any screen/place..even if you compile from source..its the restriction in the license (Badge ware..)

    2) YES you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes both.

    3) You always have to abide by matter what you change in the source and how much you change in the source you cannot call it YOUR OWN and ignore the YPL altogether.
    You can certainly change everything you want but you still need to keep up with show zimbra logo and so on ..

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    Thanks for the quick response Raj, really appreciate it. ;-)

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    Default Sorry - another question about fair use


    Just to follow on this thread about fair use of the open source version:

    1. Is it legal / possible to create a ZCS skin which places the Zimbra Powered logo someplace else on the page? E.g., bottom left, or top right?

    2. Is it legal / possible to create a ZCS skin that only shows the app_main and tree panes?

    3. Is it legal to embed such a skin within a 3rd party web page, say with an iframe, as long as the Zimbra Powered logo is shown somewhere?

    In my case, I'd like to use some of the applications, like Calendar and Addressbook within my overall application, but preserve my top and left hand navigation areas.


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