Hello everyone...

I am in search of information about all the config files Zimbra uses.
In my upgrade to v5 from v4.5.9 on my production box. I need to move from SuSE 10.0 to SuSE 10.2 since zimbra only supports SLED v10 (which is 10.2). So my first order of business is following the moving servers documentation in the wiki about this.

But here is the conundrum... For simplicity sake, I did not want to have to move the binaries and library files, since I just went through the process of installing on the new box v4.5.9.

I copied my information store, all the mysql dbs, the ldap store, the conf directory, and the redo log.

What I get is all these errors about 'hostname not fully qualified', etc, etc. So even though I have the conf directory, apparently the postfix configurations are neither in the conf directory nor in the database.

So... my question is this: What are all the config files touched by zimbra across the tree and why are they not all in (or symlinked to) the conf directory?

I highly suggest that this be taken into account for the next release.

Thanks to everyone for your time. -Cheers, Peter.

** Side note... please don't tell me to buy SLED v10 or move to distro X. I am not moving platforms at this time. **