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Thread: [SOLVED] How to set description in Calendar via Soap

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    Question [SOLVED] How to set description in Calendar via Soap

    Hello, I don't find how I can set and get decription field through soap.
    <m xmlns="urn:zimbraMail">
        <comp fb="F" fba="F" allDay="true" name="eeeeeee" class="PUB" priority="5" transp="O">
              <s d="20080313"/>
              <e d="20080313"/>
    It's part of appointment request for create, but this request doesn't set description field in the zimbra... What I do wrong? May be I should use another tags?

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    I did find the solution:
              <inv ..../>
              <mp ct="multipart/alternative">
                     <mp ct="text/plain">
                           <content>You shoul enter decription here<content>
    Thank Everyone!

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