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Thread: Web Admin Tool - added functionality

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    Default Web Admin Tool - added functionality

    We are setting up a Zimbra environment to host multiple domains as a replacement for our Exchange 2007 environment (yes the one that Microsoft believes can only be efficiently managed through a CLI ).

    I have been using the webadmin tool today and have created multiple domains. One feature I would really like to see added to the Web Admin Tool is the ability to either right-click on a domain and get directly to the list of accounts that belong to this domain or have a dropdown/treeview.
    Similarly as to using a saved search to filter for a domain.

    Otherwise, kudos for a brilliant product. Imagine going from 20-30 minutes admin-time to create a new user, mailboxrights, forwardingrules, etcetera in Exchange 2007, to a couple of minutes in Zimbra.

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    If you have any suggestions for enhancements to Zimbra, please file an RFE in bugzliia.


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