I just watched through the flash demo with my MIS director, and am quite excited about the possibility of moving to Zimbra from Exchange. However, as one of his high-level techs pointed out, the system would never work in our enterprise without the ability to have global backups, and specific mailbox restores.

It's not an infrequent request to have an executive's email restored in order to find a deleted message, or to document that such a message was, indeed, sent within the time defined in the terms of service, etc.

Perhaps I'm missing the documentation of said ability, but the documentation seems to indicate differently:

Backing up the mailbox server on a regular basis can help you quickly restore your email service if there is an unexpected crash. You should include backing up the Zimbra server in your system-wide backup process. Only full backups of the Zimbra data can be created. Before backing up the Zimbra data, all servers must be stopped. To stop the servers, use the CLI command, zmcontrol stop. After the backup is complete, to restart the servers, use zmcontrol start. See Appendix B, for more information about the command. To restore the Zimbra data, you must delete the existing data and then restore the backup files. The servers must be stopped before restoring the data.

Please let me know if this is something that already exists within the backup/restore system, and I've just missed it, or if it's within the extant roadmap. I'd be extremely excited to see Zimbra become fully feasable for us!