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Thread: Can I use oracle as a db for the OS edition?

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    Question Can I use oracle as a db for the OS edition?


    Is it possible to replace MySQL with Oracle as the datastore for the OS edition? Has someone tried doing that? How easy or difficult it is to do that? Any help or information would be highly appreciated.


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    Note: I Am Not An Install/Upgrade Guy or A Tools Guy. (So grain of salt and all that.) But it'd be nontrivial.

    First, you'd have to build your own. That includes your initial install as well as subsequent upgrades. The official packages assume MySQL in a particular location for install, and I believe they assume that you can do DB schema upgrades by calling "mysql ...".

    Second, you'll need to rewrite any DB-related scripts. Other folks can tell you which zm* scripts are invalid with a different DB, but I'll bet that there are several.

    Third, you'd have to actually port the database-related code to work with Oracle. That probably requires editing the DB schema (ZimbraServer/src/db/db.sql and ZimbraServer/src/db/create_database.sql) and writing a new subclass of You can use the Desktop's open-source as an example of this. You'd then need to tell jetty to use the sublass of your choice by setting zimbra_class_database in your install's localconfig.xml.

    If you do get things running with Oracle, we'd love it if you shared your work with the community!
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