I'm trying to build the Franklin P4 source on a RHEL4 machine but I'm having some problems getting it to build.

I followed all the README's I could find and first built the ThirdParty libraries. The in ZimbraBuild, I did a make allclean followed by a make dev-install but I get the following error:

*** Installing zimbramon
mkdir -p /opt/zimbra/zimbramon
cp -f -R /home/zimbra/zrc-src/ZimbraBuild/../ZimbraServer/src/bin/zmmon /opt/zimbra/zimbramon
cp: cannot stat `/home/zimbra/zrc-src/ZimbraBuild/../ZimbraServer/src/bin/zmmon': No such file or directory
make: *** [/opt/zimbra/zimbramon] Error 1
Has anyone seen this before or knows where zmmon comes from? It's not located in the P4 directory.

Thanks in advance!