Tried using the IM feature of Zimbra, have following observations/questions:

1. Instant Messaging features do not really start working unless the IM tab is selected at least once. In other words, you will not receive any notification if somebody is trying to chat with you(i.e sends you a message). Is this observatio correct?

Apparently this is happaning because the /service/soap/NoOpRequest is the one that receives notifications/messages, and this request is not sent unless you click the IM tab at least once.

2. The /service/soap/NoOpRequest is a 'blocking' request. It does not return unless a notification is sent to it. If there are hundreds of chat conversations; it means hundreds of threads on the zimbra server will block. Isn't it. This can put a severe strain on the zimbra server ?

3. When i try to bring up a chat window, i get a message about running an ActiveX control. What is the purpose of ActiveX control here? (What if i am using a browser that wouldn't allow active x control to be run).

4. Is it possible to chat in a group?(i.e more than one user in a chat window)

5. IM feature is in beta. Any idea what it is planned to be production ready, and if any specific features are being added to it?