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Thread: Shared Contacts?

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    Default Shared Contacts?

    What a great product. And especially the fact that it's available to someone like myself who just wants a nice looking webmail based interface for a home based mail server.

    I was just logged in as myself and was trying to see if there is a way to share Contacts? In other words, if I setup my wife and myself on my mail server, is there a way that we can share a common set of contacts without using MS Outlook? If not, that would be a nice feature

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    There is no way to do that today from inside the client. Our plan is that we'll work on public contacts when we add support for something like public folders.

    Of course if it's just two users, it's rather tirivial to import/export the contacts as a csv file.
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    Default Global Contacts and Calendar

    Hi, Sir,

    If Zimbra could have Global contacts and Global Calendar will be perfect,
    it's useful for team collaboration.


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