I'm actually a newbie here any help is of course very much appreciated. I'm implementing Zimbra SOAP services within an ASP 3.0 classic environment. We selected Zimbra to basically handle all of our email. We've build this nice registration engine and at some point during the validation process, the user will confirm his or her action and at that point, we would like to successfully create accounts using our soap client to communicate with zimbra.

As I mentioned, we're using classic ASP and we're using /nsoftware's IPWorks v6 soap client to communicate and create accounts. Primarily, I'd like to be able to create accounts, and update passwords as all the other pertinent info resides in our databases. We have successfully implemented PREAUTH through the URL interface and now we need to be able to create accounts.

My question here is, does anyone here have experience as to how I can go about setting this up using ASP? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. My company would be willing to pay a consult fee in helping us solve this. Please PM me or reply to this post. Thanks!