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Thread: SOAP CreateAccountRequest parameters

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    Default SOAP CreateAccountRequest parameters

    Hi all,

    I'm currently in the process of assisting a company in provisioning accounts via a Classic ASP page using SOAP. I have been able to provision accounts correctly but I am unable to set a first name, last name, and display name for the account as I don't know what the relevant fields are called for the SOAP request.

    I have tried the LDAP attributes 'givenName', and 'sn' but these didn't work. I have also placed it in 'a' tags. That is, <a n="sn">Morgan</a>. Is this correct? Is there documentation on all the available fields or should I install Zimbra to a local non-production machine, and have a browse at the LDAP/database schema?



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    gn and sn are correct. If you're trying to get the "From" address on mail correct, though, you want to set displayName or cn. These are all among the standard LDAP attrs on person, etc.
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    OK, thanks. I got sn correct then, but couldn't figure out first name, I misassumed that it was givenName (I thought LDAP standard for first name was givenName, that must be Active Directory standard).


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