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Thread: Safe to Use JDK/JRE 6?

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    Default Safe to Use JDK/JRE 6?


    Getting set to build Zimbra 5.x (OpenSource) from source on a new machine and, after reading through build doc, it says that you have to build with JDK 5.0 (1.5).

    Will the build fail or will it not run properly if I try to build it under JDK 6?

    If not, what's the ETA (if any,) to have it build/run under JDK/JRE 6?
    The doc also seem to say that you can build it with JDK 5 and run it under JRE 6. Did I read that right?


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    you *must* build it with 1.5 (1.5.0_14 seems to build fine). you *must* run it with 1.6 (1.6.0_04 *must* be used as of 5.05_GA_2201).

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