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Thread: [SOLVED] How to deploy a Custom Auth Handler?

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    Question [SOLVED] How to deploy a Custom Auth Handler?

    I've implemented a custom Radius Auth Handler by following the Admin Guide's directions. So I have a jar file with a class that implements ZimbraExtension and other that subclasses ZimbraCustomAuth.
    How do I have to deploy this jar in a Zimbra installation? Should I have to configure something else in order to notify the framework to load my extension before calling zmprov> modifyDomain zimbraAuthMech custom:myHandler ?
    (I have tried just copying the jar file in the zimbra/lib/jars and zimbra/lib/ext directories and restarting but nothing happened)

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    Post How to deploy a Custom Auth Handler

    To deploy an extension:

    Create a jar file (myext.jar) whose manifest should include the attribute:
    Zimbra-Extension-Class: my.extension.EntryPoint
    The EntryPoint class should implement the ZimbraExtension interface

    Then Drop myext.jar into /opt/zimbra/lib/ext/myext/myext.jar

    It worked for me.

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