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Thread: [SOLVED] compiling com/zimbra/cs/client/

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    Default [SOLVED] compiling com/zimbra/cs/client/

    I'm new to zimbra and trying to learn how the soap interface works. I can run the existing Tester class and get results. I'd like to make some changes to the file and see if they work but can't get it to compile.

    I've got the CLASSPATH variable set to all of the jar files in /opt/zimbra/lib/jars and there is the error I get:

    [paj1@zvm2 zimbra]$ /opt/zimbra/jdk1.6.0_04/bin/javac -classpath ${CLASSPATH}:com/zimbra/cs/client/soap com/zimbra/cs/client/soap/
    com/zimbra/cs/client/soap/ cannot access LmcSoapClientException
    bad class file: com/zimbra/cs/client/soap/LmcSoapClientException.class
    class file contains wrong class: com.zimbra.cs.client.soap.LmcSoapClientException
    Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the classpath.
    throws IOException, LmcSoapClientException, ServiceException,

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    this problem turned out to be the result of my not knowing anything about java as well as knowing nothing about SOAP and Zimbra. I was in the wrong directory when trying to compile the program.

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