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Thread: Time Zone Identifiers

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    Question Time Zone Identifiers

    In the soap-calendar.txt document, it says:
    // <s d="YYYYMMDD['T'HHMMSS[Z]]" [tz="timezone_identifier"]>
    // tz="java timezone identifier" (see list at bottom of this file!)
    (At the bottom of the file)
    Each iCalendar object can define custom time zone names. For our own web
    client, there is a list of well-known time zones. These are stored in
    LDAP. See conf/ldap/zimbra.ldif for their definition. The time zone ID
    is the cn attribute.

    I found the zimbra.ldif file, but I did not find any time zone IDs.

    Is it possible that our zimbra.ldif file does not contain the time zones because we have not configured these?
    If so, how do the time zones get configured?

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    FRANK (ZCS 5) don't have the timezones defined in zimbra.ldif, you have to look in the EDISON branch :

    ZCS 6.05 on CentOS 5.3 (VMWare ESX 4)

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